Build relationships in a powerful, scalable way through KW Communities. Harness the power of a strong community to unleash inspired ideas, learn and grow alongside like-minded individuals, and find support when you need it most.

Find your people. Hone your craft. Grow a community.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Putting diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of your business not only ensures professional growth and success, but also empowers the communities in which you live and serve.

KW Commercial

KW Commercial offers exclusive opportunities to build upon your portfolio and increase your skillset in one of the fastest-growing commercial real estate firms.

KW Land

Break into KW Land, one of the market’s most stable and profitable industries, while accessing industry-leading marketing materials and networking opportunities with international referral agents and leadership teams.

KW Offerings

Generate thousands more leads every year from potential sellers curious about the cash value of their homes. KW Offerings is not just a community; it’s a business strategy.

KW Military

With KW Military, you are proudly serving those who served our country. At KW Military, build a thriving business which offers unique opportunities to work with others who share your passion for serving veterans and active duty military members.

KW Luxury

Join KW Luxury for a unique perspective and coveted networking opportunities with the most exclusive, ultra-affluent buyers, brands, and interior designers all over the globe.

KW Operations

Operations and administrative professionals function at the center of their teams. KW Operations empowers you to drive business results and your career forward with tailored training, members-only events, and a supportive community of peers and mentors.

KW Real Estate Planner

Become the expert your top clients need; with KW Real Estate Planners, you’ll learn everything from client advocacy strategies and investment property planning to network building and everything in between.

KW Relocation

Designed to empower agents with exclusive networking and training opportunities, KW Relocation is a community of professionals looking to grow their business and explore the burgeoning market of relocation.

KW Sports & Entertainment

KW Sports and Entertainment is your ticket to growing your portfolio with the world’s most elite clientele with exclusive resources no other industry can provide.

KW Style to Design

Equipped with expert marketing materials, interior design resources, and exclusive design, staging, luxury, and renovations boards, KW Style to Design provides new, innovative solutions for agents looking to add additional value and differentiate their business.

KW Talent

Learn how to recruit the best team members, foster the next generation of leaders, and build your empire by joining KW Talent. Our mission is to transform you from a successful real estate professional to an unstoppable, world-class business owner by leveraging proven KW tools and systems like the KPA and CV process.

KW Wealth

As an exclusive community dedicated to helping you build better profits by leveraging your current real estate business, KW Wealth is here to help you grow your business, create passive income, and build a better future for you and your family.

KW Wellness

Investing in wellness yields high returns in health, well-being, and productivity. KW Wellness empowers you to create a culture of wellness and well-being for yourself, your family, and your team.

KW Young Professionals

Propel your career forward with KW Young Professionals’ exclusive training and career opportunities designed for members with natural talent and the drive to become professional leaders.